Postal Codes

In an effort to maintain lower delivery rates, we will be limited to delivering within the city limits, on Tue and Fri between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Customers living in the following Postal Codes, need to call the Salon, prior to purchase, to confirm their delivery rates. Customers living in the locations described below will be subject to delivery rates as charged by Canada Post.

P7A customers living N. of Gorevale; E. of Copenhagen and N. of Expressway; and on Strathcona, E. of Audrey.

P7G customers living N. of Gorevale; N. of Kivikoski; on Upton or Hansen; or W. of Townline.

P7J customers living on roads W. of 25th Side Rd; on roads W. of W.Riverdale Rd; and on Hwy 61, W. of Little Norway Rd.

P7K customers living on roads W. of the 25th Side Rd;  and on roads W. of Twin City Crossroads.